Wrekin Havoc ft Greg Bird - Vapour Trails / Broken Wings

The Havocs are back with a killer new EP featuring Greg Bird on vocals with remixes from Goldsuite and Woolfy

Words by Mark Limb • June 3, 2024

This summer sees the release of the fifth record from the Wrekin Havoc stable, and their second on the consistently on point Is It Balearic?

The new EPs comprises of two original tracks, both featuring the vocals of Greg Bird from the group Flamingo Flame, (a big Rob J fave) alongside some stellar remixes from Goldsuite and Woolfy.

On the A-side, "Vapour Trails" is a melancholy, 'emotional bomb' of pop perfection. Greg's vocals alongside the smooth drum programming and 80's synths, make this an end-of-night, arms-aloft anthem in the making.

The Goldsuite remix steps the vibe up ever so lightly, adding just enough guitar and balearic sparkle to make this a perfect poolside jam or early evening shuffler.

On the flip side, "Broken Wings" stays in similar territory. The production is tight and the synths and drums alone could almost be the perfect track, but with a vocal delivery reminiscent of Jon Marsh in his heyday, Greg truly sets this side alight. It could actually be a lost Beloved track reinvented for modern dance floors... It really is that good!

The last mix is from Woolfy and what a way to close up the EP, as he twists Broken Wings into a peak night, heads down cosmic groover, with synths and arps that build and swirl through to the closing bars - think Mercury Rising / Pikes at 4am vibes and you're in the zone!

Every track here is a winner. The production is flawless, the vocals are incredible, the Havoc guys are the real deal and this unquestionably deserves to be a big hit this summer.

Available for pre-order now from Juno

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