Weekly Fives

June 17, 2024

Our top five releases this week

Words by Mark Limb • June 17, 2024

Weekly Fives June 17, 2024
01. Colleen Cosmo Murphy Presents Balearic Breakfast Vol 3

Colleens third instalment in the hugely popular Balearic Breakfast series

When you Balearic
02. Everything's Possible When You Balearic

Mike Wilsons lovingly crafted follow-up to his debut "Everything's Balearic When You Believe"

Max Graef
03. Max Graef - Natural Element

Max Graef returns to Tartelet Records with Natural Element, a genre-bending listening trip...

Jura Soundsystem Remix Special (Quiet Village / Tapes / Good Block Mixes)
04. Jura Soundsystem  Remix Special

A remix 12” of three Jura Soundsystem classics with interpretations from Quiet Village, Tapes and Good Block

Aoyama Nights by Mariko Katsuragi
05. Mariko Katsuragi  - Aoyama Nights

A slick, synth-driven and funky take on the classic Japanese city pop sound.

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