Mark Limb at Spiritland 25 August 2017

5 hours of laid back gems recorded on our first visit to Spiritland in the summer of 2017

Words by Mark Limb • August 25, 2017


Lovventura - Syracuse

ACI - Impuls

Apelsin - Igatsus

Henri Texier - Luce d'Alba

Woody Simmons - Grey Today

Mia Doi Todd - Paratay

Azimuth - Linha Do Horizonte

Mark Almond - The City

Beverly Glenn Copeland - Sunset Village

J.O.B Orquestra - Govinda

Rare Silk - Storm

Bob James - Rain

New Music - Areas

Steve Kuhn - Trance

Paul Mauriat - Sea Shell Shore

Jukka Tolonen - Nights of Ibiza

Yasuko Agawa - L.A Nights

Barefoot Jerry - Friends

Nick Decaro - Under Jamaican Moon

Torsten Wallin - Vinter Människan

Harvey Mandel - Wade in the water

Rhead Brothers - Woman of soul

Pointer Sisters - Hypnotized

Saint Tropez - I Want To Do Something Freaky To You

Adrian Gurvitz - New World

Babeth - Bebe Reggae

Bordeaux - When We Kiss

De Blanc ‎– Hush = Callate

Zoellie - Lolo

Bazaar - Night Piece

Celine Lopez - Stop

Cube - Somebody Told me

Nona Hendryx - Transformation

Peter Brown - Do you wanna get funky with me

He Said - Pump

No Ri Ki - Do what you do

Diva - La Nuit

Letta Mbulu - Down by the river

Afia Mala - Koma

J.R. Dan - Tu Rêves, Tu Rêves

Sandra de Sá - Olhos Coloridos

Richard Sanderson ‎– Check On The List

Lavvi Ebbel ‎– ¿Telepatia? ¡Telepatia!

Fabiano Do Nascimento - Canto De Xangô

Caroline Crawford - Riding On Your Love

Krakatau - Apogean tide

Cristal - La nuit pour nous

Flaming Bess – Cron Endor

The Richard Hewson Orchestra - Love in the dark

East St Louis Gospelettes - Have a talk with god

Hiroshi Sato - Jodo

Aragon - Horridula

Charles Murphy - The foot that is holding me down

Bolão - Sem querer

Kraan - Silky Way

Gigi Mason - Snake Theory

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