Statues - 'Eclipse' single review

JT Gravell joins Statues on vocals for their latest single 'Eclipse'

Words by Mark Limb • April 12, 2024

Statues - Eclipse

The Statues collective have been consistently putting out killer tracks for the last few years and already have a solid catalogue of releases on labels such as Claremont 56, Eclectics and Is it Balearic amongst others.

Fronted by Bradley Lucke, Mark Crooks and Steve Carr, the new single, 'Eclipse', sees their lineup complemented by the vocals of JT Gravell.

The band are all accomplished musicians in their own right which gives all the Statues music a live edge and Eclipse is no exception. It's a chuggy, downtempo jam that locks you in from the start with a mix of dubby live drums, picked guitars and blissful keys.

"A cosmic summer jam that holds you in the palm of your hand"

The vocal from JT Gravell provide a simple refrain which repeats throughout alongside the pads, FX and a smooth, analog sounding synth line that hypnotically weaves in and out as the track builds.

In Statues own words they describe it as "a cosmic summer jam that holds you in the palm of your hand", and it really is that and much more...

An early contender for one of our tracks of the summer. I would love to see the band get a live show together as I can imagine this playing out as serious heads down, extended psychedelic jam.

Available now on bandcamp

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