Guest mix 014: DJ Zyron - 'Slowmotoo'

This is our second mix from DJ Zyron, a fantastic follow-up to his original "slow-mo-mix" back in 2011. It's a vinyl-only, impeccably sequenced, cosmic journey through some of his favourite genres..

Words by Mark Limb • June 14, 2024


Spectral Display - Axolotl I

Tangerine Dream - Barbakane [Part III]

Komodo Kolektif - Festival of the Black Sun I: Evocation

Tapan - Rain Dance

Khidja - Abdul [Juju & Jordash Remix]

Vactrol Park - Disturbed by the Possibility of Someone

Klaus Schulze - Opheylissem

Les Big Byrd - Pink Freud [Samo DJ & Hidden Operator Remix]

Wawawiwas - Sadness of Being [Max Essa Remix]

L.U.C.A. - Niagara [ROTLA Version]

Eirwud Mudwasser - Spirala

Tommy Awards - Rexy

Albin - Sommarkassetten A

Daniel Savio - Mama Rules

Hiroshi Fujiwara - Away Dub [Heavy #2]

Eugenio Altieri - Sayoko

Chilled by Nature - Otherness [Black Mustang's Frozen Moon Jam]

Sail a Whale - Slwhl

Pink Floyd - Absolutely Curtains [Outro]

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