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Steve KIW reflects on some of his favourite moments dancing to the Rotation Sound System and gets us hyped for this years party

Words by Steve KIW • July 6, 2024

Rotation party

View from the dance floor. Rotation 2023

For the past 11 years Rotation (Ben Shenton and Dean Meredith aka Mindfair) have been steadily carving out a special place in the hearts of everyone who has ever attended one of their events.

Following their first party at No 15 cafe in Stafford, and events at Manchester's Kosmonaut, the chaps sought out venues outside of the traditional club culture bubble.

The Garden Parties kicked of at the 1,300 acre estate of Sugnall Walled Garden, spent four years at Bishton Hall and has moved a couple of times more before arriving at their new delightful home of Carney Pools.

Everything else has to take second place. It’s that good...

When the dust settles on another summer of outdoor raving theirs is the first one I book for the following year. Everything else has to take second place. It’s that good...

I started to write that it’s the people who make a Rotation event so special. And they do. But it goes way beyond that. It’s the attention to detail that sets this apart.  

Rotation - Anatomy of the soundsystem

Rotation Garden Party - "Anatomy of our Sound System"

It’s the selection of the guests who get hours to spread their wings and play, building on the foundations laid down by the hosts and their regulars Wrekin Havoc, Alice Palace and We Are The Sunset’s Andy Taylor.

Put simply, Ben and Dean understand the perfect mix of ingredients for a special party.

It’s the importance of having the right space - Carney Pools is just that - and the right team behind the team - with Colleen and co all doing their best to make sure everything is perfect. Put simply, Ben and Dean understand the perfect mix of ingredients for a special party.


Rich, Stu and Rob J - aka Wrekin Havoc

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor / We are the Sunset

Alice Palace

Alice Palace

If you’re thinking this sounds a little like what I’ve read about The Loft then you’d be right.  David Mancuso is a huge influence on the Rotation ethos. 

I only saw Mancuso here in the UK but have experienced a fair few NYC dance floors and Rotation after dark is the closest I’ve come to feeling that New York moment in the UK in half a lifetime.  

Idjut Boys

Idjut boys in the rain

Last years five hour Idjut Boys set, with rain coming down so hard that Conrad and Dan had to DJ under an Andy Taylor held umbrella inside the tent, had more hands-in-the-air moments than a summer season somewhere else. 

From Pete Townshend b-sides through to Paul Anka it was as Balearic as it could possibly be, without once letting the energy drop. 

This year the Idjuts are playing for ten hours. Who knows what magic spells they’ll weave?

Rotation dancefloor

View from the dance floor. Rotation 2023

It isn’t all bangers of course. My ultimate Rotation moment is still Ben playing Jessie Ware’s Minnie Riperton influenced 'Remember Where You Are' in the closing hours of the Sunday a few years back.  

I’ve written about it elsewhere, probably several times now, the essence being: that was a DJ picking the perfect record at the perfect time and, in a moment, breaking it to an audience. It became a summer anthem and my copy - the very record that Ben played - hasn’t left my box since.

This year promises to be as ace as all the predecessors.  I caught Ruf Dug playing the full night at Freddie’s last summer and it was one of the best sets I heard all year, Spice Girls n’all, so can’t wait to catch him again; selectors’ selector Jolyon Green is on board and Quinn Lamont Luke is performing live. 

Add these to the brilliant residents, the family vibe inside and outside the yurt, the balloons - especially the balloons -  and it promises to be one hell of a party.   

Rotation 2024

Rotation 2024 full lineup and event details

Find out more about previous events and get tickets for this years party

Rotation official website



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