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We've been archiving a few of the older mixes here, some great guest mixes from last year alongside some classic shows from our good friends over at Balearic Social Radio.

We hope you enjoy the music, feel free to share and spread the love and hopefully we'll see some of you on the dancefloor soon.

The Electric Disco

The Electric Disco - A New Dawn
The Electric Disco Radio Spring 2011
Andrew Clarke - Last Days Of Summer
baleariksoul - discoteca pt 2

Balearic Social - Timewhy's
Balearic Social - Time To Space
Balearic Social - Cloudburst Flight
Balearic Social - Tama
Balearic Social - Electric Texas
Balearic Social - Acquired Dreams
Balearic Social - Green Desert
Andy Pye - Everything Looks Small
Coyote - I'll Show You A Sunset
Mark Rayner - My Way For The Highway
Steve Lee - The Project Club Mix
The Disco Outcasts - Not Made For Love
DJ B.R.O.S - Forbidden Beach Mix
DJ Zyron - Slo-Mo-Mix